Cowboy Action Shooting Range

shooting range


Our cowboy action shooting range is the perfect setting with buildings, bad guys, and plenty of steel targets for us to create exciting scenarios for our guests.  Join Wyatt Earp in the OK corral or help Doc Holliday keep the table honest in a high stakes card game.  The guns and ammunition are provided and include pistols, rifle and shotgun.  An instructor is provided as well.

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Cowboy Action Shooting & Cowboy Mounted Shooting

cowboy mounted shootingThe ranch shooting range is set up to handle Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) events.  You can shoot your guns or ours from the old west using single action pistols and lever action rifles.  We host Single Action Shooting (SASS) functions and Cowboy Mounted Shooting (CMSA) and look forward to assisting you in this fine sport of the Old West – Single Action Shooting.

Daily Rates for guests at the ranch … Call for Pricing.
(We provide the ammunition, weapons and instructor)