H Bar H – Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program

Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program

H-Bar-H was established to provide people of all ages who have varying kinds of mental and physical challenges with cutting-edge adjunct to therapy called Hippotherapy.  Hippus is the Latin word for horse, thus hippotherapy is therapy on a horse.

In our therapeutic horseback riding program, we provide physical, occupational and speech therapies to our riders while on the bare back of a horse. The horse’s walk closely duplicates the walking motion of the human body with its dynamic movement side to side, forward and backward, and rotationally. This movement positively influences the entire central nervous system of the rider, giving it the sensation of walking resulting in creating better motor (movement) skills for that rider.

Goals of our therapeutic horseback riding program

H-Bar-H’s primary goal is to see each rider as an individual and to encourage each rider to develop and progress to the maximum potential.

Physical Benefits of Therapeutic Horseback Riding

Through therapeutic horseback riding the body receives healthy exercise that encourages circulation and changes in muscle tone. Riding also improves posture, balance, and coordination, as well as strength.

Emotional and Social Benefits of therapeutic horseback riding

Horseback riding provides a non-competitive setting for learning. The discipline associated with horses develops responsibility and independence, improves family and peer relationships, and most importantly, increases the rider’s self-esteem.

Safety concerns

Safety is our utmost concern at H-Bar-H.  Each rider is provided with a safety helmet and accompanied at all times by qualified volunteers who are specially trained to work with the riders and horses. Each horse is selected for its quiet disposition and is trained to help with the special needs of the riders.

About Our Organization

H-Bar-H is a fully insured, non-profit 501(c)3 Organization. Through a lifetime donation from Mule Creek Outfitters, Inc., H-Bar-H has a permanent home at the ranch.  Our staff is made up of carefully trained volunteers. Our support comes from individuals and organizations within the community to help with the necessary costs involved with the support and upkeep of the horses, tack, special riding helmets and insurance.