Horse Training with Ben Cunningham

We now have excellent horse (and rider) trainer Ben Cunningham on staff. He will be providing both personal training at request and group clinics.

Ben Cunningham is a natural horsemanship trainer and an everyday cowboy who has worked with many problem horses and started several young colts, and along the way been able to help others with their horsemanship. His goal is to help horses and people so that there is no such thing as a problem horse, but just a challenge to work through.


ben training 1In his own words: “Ray Hunt said try to get a horse as handy as you can without troubling him, that is something I firmly believe in and is my foundation anytime I’m working with a horse. I like to be as simple as possible, I don’t like to use a bunch of horse training gimmicks, I feel like if I can’t get it done with just simple ways of applying pressure and introducing them to new things then I need to go out there and figure out how to do it, that’s how I feel my horsemanship increases. As all aspiring horsemen I’ll never close my mind off to new ideas and new ways of doing things. Horsemanship is a lifelong process and a skill that can always be perfected boundlessly.
A man I look up to a lot and one of the founding fathers of natural horsemanship was Ray Hunt, he was simple and to the point and made a lot of sense in a simple cowboy sort-of way. His way of doing things boiled down to a certain3493 brand of common sense that could be applied to any situation and help to solve problems we have communicating with our four legged friend.
So whether I’m starting a colt, working with a horse that appears out of sorts, or helping an individual to increase in their own horsemanship skills, these are the basic principals that guide me.”

Foundation Horsemanship Clinic Details

This clinic is to help green horse or green rider, or even an experienced rider or older horse who want to improve on their horsemanship techniques and work on a greater connection with their horse. Part of this clinic may include groundwork.

Clinics are open to the public as well as guests, so invite your horseman friends!! Call us to schedule a personal session or reserve your spot in a clinic!

Upcoming Clinics (click here to view our events calendar):

  • June 15-16, 2018
  • July 27-28, 2018
  • August 10-12,2018
  • September 14-15, 2018

Call us to reserve your spot!!

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