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  1. Michael Sherwood says:

    I found MLazyC ranch by accident while looking at Colorado as a holiday destination while touring the USA, we made a 10,000 mile round trip from Yorkshire England to get there and boy was it worth the effort. The most relaxing place I have ever been i was not disappointed just sitting on the porch enjoying the scenery was a pleasure in its self. The staff could not be more helpful. It is a great place to base yourself for touring the area where you can come and go as you please… the horses we rode were well behaved and full of character, Brenda was charming and we are planning a return I cannot wait to get back. Thanks Mike

  2. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hacker says:

    My husband and I took our horses to Colorado for the first time and stayed here. On the first day I got hurt on my horse due to my own fault. Randy and his staff were there immediately and were quick to get me the help I needed. Without Randy and his staff I know I would have been in REALLY bad shape but thanks to them I am ok. Besides practically saving my life. We had reservations for a week and this happened on the first day… I was in the hospital for the rest of the week and we were 700 miles from home. Randy and his staff took care of our horses every day and didnt charge us a penny! So kind, generous and caring of a staff who had just met us the day before. Thank you so much for everything. We will be back but the big gray horse wont! LOL. Thanks again and God BLess you all. Sincerely; The Hackers from Oklahoma.

  3. We had a great time!! Great memories that we will never forget. Best value in Colorado!!

  4. We worked for Randy and Brenda : They were great people to work with. Looking to go back and staying for a time there. Good luck with the ranch. P S great place to stay for a few weeks . Tommy Cat

  5. We had a great time at the M Lazy C Ranch. We stayed for 2 months and found that Randy & Brenda were great hosts! The wranglers were all friendly, helpful, & very knowledgeable. Randy & Brenda try their best to please all their guests. They want everyone to enjoy themselves. The ranch is beautiful with great views and lots of good riding in the national forest. We will certainly go back!

  6. Debbie Brundrett says:

    This was the best vacation I have ever had. My cabin was beautifully decorated and took me back in time. If you are looking for a laid back totally relaxed vacation this is the place! The staff made me feel like I was their only guest, frequently making sure that I had everything I needed to make my stay memorable. The food was great and there was plenty of it. I watched them cater to a guest who had a special diet but hadn’t let them know until the meal was served, they did their best to provide for him at that meal and made sure that future meals fit his needs. My favorite part was the mountain horseback rides! The wranglers were the BEST and did a great job of matching horses to the riders experience. I loved that the staff ate with the guest, I felt more like a family member than a guest. I will be back, I know because I didn’t want to leave!

  7. Boone & Tressie Lingle says:

    The missus & I just returned from a visit @ M Lazy C.
    “Nicest chicken coop I ever stayed in” The omission of TV & Radio, etc. is a huge plus!, never missed it for a minute! Wuz slightly disappointed though to find I had such good cellphone coverage; finally just turned it off and stashed in the suitcase!!!
    Thanks Randy & Brenda for the good times and for treating us like “family”. The horseback riding was great, and the mules; Banjo & Jim, were fun (and comfortable) to ride.
    We especially enjoyed our meals with you’ns and the wranglers; what a great bunch of young folks ( Nicole, Carolyn, Maureen, Michael & Christopher we miss you already) with many years experience I’ve become a teller of tales and spinner of yarns; BUT, I think Michael is a natural at it!
    We look forward to coming back.
    Thanks for everything. See y’all down the trail

  8. The Steinbauer family wants to thank you, on behalf of the Special Forces Association Chapter 4-24, for a wonderful event site. If you are looking for a Colorado outing, M Lazy C is awesome! We have our Chapter picnic there every summer and highly recommend it to any other group or organization, as long as you don’t try to take our date in July! Cabins or camping, horseback riding, a shooting range, what more can you ask for? Thanks to Randy and Brenda for providing this escape from the ordinary.

    • Brenda Myers says:

      Just wanted to say Thank you for the nice comment for the web page. Look forward to seeing you soon.

  9. Bill & Judy Bergstrom says:

    Mlazyc is our home away from home. The last 3 years we have spent over a month at Mlazyc each year. Judy and I love meeting new people and this is the place to do it. Randy and Brenda are the best Hosts willing to do anything to have fun and to make our stay enjoyable. Michael, Dept Manager is super making sure horses are happy in their corrals and camp sites are in great working order. Randy and Brenda cater to Special Needs Groups and this year we able to assist in helping them with a group for the day. We were rewarded by smiles and hugs from the Group. What a Great Place to Vacation.

  10. My wife and I have stayed at several of your cabins and the campgrounds over the last three years. We are part of the Debbie Bibb Clinic and enjoy the accomodations and the meals. It is a beautiful place to ride a horse and enjoy Colorado. The only drawback we have experienced is when the shooting events are taking place, especially with the Army troops. Don’t get me wrong because I am a veteran but I’ve seen some horses react very badly to the loud and unexpected gunfire. Don’t have any solution but it is worth noting for safety sake. Thanks.

  11. Jill and John Lube says:

    We first drove by M Lazy C ranch while on our way snowskiing last winter and just happened to write down the name for a future return in our motorhome . We are glad we did because we enjoyed the simplicity of staying there in August. They offer great accommodations to fit the many needs when having a family reunion.

  12. Raymon & Evelyn Stenger says:

    We had a wonderful visit this summer as well as last summer. We already have reservations for next summer. The ranch is beautiful as are the horses. The hospitality is great, and assistance is always available when needed. Thank you for opening your ranch to us.

  13. Raymon & Evelyn Stenger says:

    We had a wonderful stay this summer and last summer. We already have reservations for next summer. The ranch is beautiful as are the horses. The hospitality is great. Assistance is always available when needed. Thank you for opening your ranch to us.

  14. We have brought a group of students to the M Lazy C many times over the years, and everytime the crew there outdoes our expectations. Our kids loved riding horses, playing Cowboy U games, dancing, fireside singing, and just being in the beautiful outdoors. They even loved the food, and you know how young teens can be picky! Anyone–young and old, small or large family, group or just a couple–will love this place and will enjoy the people and the fun. You need to check it out. Thanks to Brenda and the entire crew for years of fun!

  15. Sherry Snead says:

    Hey there Brenda,
    I wanted to thank you and Randy for the red carpet treatment this past weekend. Our group absolutely loved the whole weekend. You guys are first class, the food was to die for, the cabins are adorable, the horses were all very happy and the setting at the ranch was just great. We all had such a wonderful time at the M Lazy C and hope to do it again. Thank you all so very much.

  16. David and Terry Caruthers says:

    The greatest place on earth. Randy and Brenda are the owners and are wonderful people. The ranch manager Michael is very helpful and polite. They have training for military before they are deployed . It is very interesting to watch and hear the gun fire and bombs going off. It makes you proud to be an American. The weather is wonderful, cool in the morning and warm in the afternoon but cools off as sun goes behind the mountains. You can ride out from the Ranch into the national forest and be gone a couple of hours or all day. There are many trails for all types of riders. The food is always good. This is our third year and can’t wait until next year to come back to get out of the Texas heat in August. This has really made our horses bomb proof. We love it here and would highly recommend it for anyone who loves to trail ride and sightsee.

  17. Judy Bergstrom says:

    This is our third year at the ranch. We love every minute. This year we were able to help around the ranch which was so much fun. Randy, Brenda and Michael are wonderful. We feel like family here. We also appreciate all the family does for the military training they do on the ranch. We have already booked next year!
    Judy and Bill Bergstrom

  18. Bill Bergstrom says:

    This is our 3rd year at the Mlazyc. Randy and Brenda are truly the best host ,always checking to see if there is anything that we need ,Great meals and hospitality. Michael Anthony (Ranch Manager) makes sure we have great time on our trail rides by advising us where to ride and making sure our horses are taken care of. The Mlazyc Ranch is truly the Best get a way vacation spot. We will return next year for a month.

  19. The Lavery Family says:

    This place to stay is a little piece of heaven! We loved the beautiful cabin we stayed in, the staff were all very friendly and fun to chat with and eating together in the dining hall was awesome as we got to meet other guests. It is such a family oriented atmosphere and we plan to be back soon!

  20. Vicki and Margaret says:

    M Lazy C is the place for me. Stayed in the Homestead Cabin with my horse lodged right next to me. There are many wonderful things about this place – many reasons to go and spend some time, but the best part is the people that own it and work there. Warm and friendly. Fun and informative. Truly “salt of the earth” – go there to feed your soul.

  21. The Nigs says:

    We think ur dude ranch is just exquisite. We really enjoyed fisting the cattle as a family. They’re moo’s indicated they enjoyed the fisting too!

  22. Jason Hewitt says:

    I just have to say the ranch is a great place to kick back relax and have a great time.also would like to say the hunting is great thanks Randy and Brenda

  23. Melissa Biscuit Jean & Jeremy says:

    Dear Randy, Brenda and crew,
    We spent memorial day weekend at the ranch for a quick get-a-way from the demands of our lives. It was our goal to unplug and reconnect as a family- which is exactly what we did! We had such a relaxing time enjoying the scenery, playing games, enjoying our cabin and each others company; we talk about it with all our family and friends. Thank you for the option to “stay in touch” because we will need to plan to return soon & often!

    Potential guests:
    A short and scenic drive from west Colorado Springs.
    Excellent value:
    Rustic cabins, superior staff, authentic activities ( highly recommend the shooting range with Randy)
    Fantastic home cooked meals! ( especially the cowboy pancakes)

  24. We had a great time at your ranch. I think it may have been the most relaxing vacation of my life. Thank you for making us feel at home–We appreciate it!

  25. The Wyse Family says:

    Thank you so much for all of your work this summer. We really do appreciate all the time and energy you took to make us feel special. Thanks for all of the good memories.

  26. The Dorsey Family says:

    I want to tell you how much we enjoyed our stay this summer. The area is lovely and we were treated like royalty. Everyone went out of thier way to make our stay happy.
    Thank You

  27. Bill Hudson says:

    You have a terrific ranch and your family was terrific. Jamie and Michael attended to our every inner cowboy desire and challenged us. Everyone loved it.

    The time we spent on the range with Randy senior and junior was terrific. Randy’s idea to surprise us with the last shooting activity gave everyone something to remember the rest of their lives.

    The barbeque luncheon was really delicious and everyone enjoyed the ambiance of the location.

  28. The Hendrix/Brine Family says:

    When we arrived it seemed like heaven, no T.V., no computers, no cell phones, no hectic rush of city life. Just peaceful, quiet beauty.
    In my opinion this little cabin holds more beauty than any castle or mansion in the world. Thank you to this place for simply existing and reminding us how beautiful this world can be.

  29. Josh and Martel says:

    The ranch allowed us to dream of pioneer days, discover the incredible beauty God has bestoed on this area of our great nation, and spend quality time with each other- a rare and precious gift. Thank you for your sweet hospitality, exceptional meals, attention to detail, willingness to share your home and lives- We were blessed!

  30. Josh and Martel says:

    We are so excited to have this place be our litte “get away.” I will remember and cherish this place forever. Thank you for the champagne, flowers and chocolates. It was a wonderfully special touch.

  31. The Beard Family says:

    This must be one of the most wonderful places that we have encountered. The scenery, the people, the horses, the hospitality, all of it is just wonderful!

  32. The Ohlheisers says:

    What a great cabin, no phones, TV, computers. This is how we can take a step back from the Rat Race of todays society and find true meaning of vacation. God Bless to All.

  33. The Breazzano/Henneman says:

    A great ranch to renew the soul.
    Well, time to saddle up and enjoy awesome mountains of Colorado.
    We’ll be back in August to explore more!

  34. You guys are fantastic. Our family felt right at home right away. This was a much needed family vacation and I can’t think of a better place to all spend quality time together.
    See you next year!

  35. The Gourhers says:

    We enjoyed our stay here very much. It was very quiet and relaxing. We got to sit and share some great Mother-daughter stories together. This is such a beautiful, peaceful place. We will be back!

  36. Randy and Brenda Myers says:

    We want to say a BIG thank you for all who visited us this summer!!! We are so grateful for all of the friends we have made. The trees here are really amazing this year. Not sure what brings all that together but they are beautiful.

    We have some incredible pictures that have been added to the photos page on our wesbiste. A big thank you goes out to our workampers Nan and Lynn for their contribution and also to Kent and Charlene from Trail Rider Magazine. Check them out – you’ll see!

    Thanks again to everybody. We hope to see you again SOON!

  37. Kenny and Pam Adams says:

    WOW!! The web site is awesome just like the ranch, your facilities and your hospitality. As you know, Kenny and I are there every chance we get. Good work!

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