Wrangler Position

Wranglers require excellent horsemanship abilities and advanced riding skills, proven guest service skills and the desire to work long hard days in a hands-on learning environment.

wranglerResponsibilities: Must be safety conscious, have the ability to instruct guests and have strong communication in riding instruction and safety orientation. Responsible for conducting safe trail rides or cattle work.  Taking guests on 1 to 5 day packtrips where you will be required to care for guests and livestock the entire time.  Feed and care for herd of horses.  Maintain and repair tack. Clean barn area daily, clean truck and trailers weekly, clean the barn weekly, other duties as necessary.

Wranglers will also help host  meals with the guests and must have appropriate table manners.  You are responsible for the care and safety of horses including: wrangling, feeding, doctoring, saddling horses, both your own and guests and cleaning pens. Assisting with other activities where needed.

All of the routine barn chores go along with this position including but not limited to: general maintenance/upkeep of tack room, corrals and riding equipment. Assisting with general ranch work during slow periods or on an as-needed basis is to be expected. This may include fixing fences, trail clearing/maintenance, etc. Wranglers need to work in a team environment, be able to think for themselves and handle emergency situations.

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Wrangler criteria include:

  • Wrangler must be an advanced rider
  • Wrangler must have current CPR and First Aid certificate
  • Wrangler will be involved in cattle work/drives
  • Wrangler will receive at least 1 day off per week where able
  • Wranglers must wear appropriate western attire
  • Additional language skills, photograph experience, musical talent, outdoors experience, training are welcome.

Please provide us with a 3 minute video of your horsemanship skills and riding abilities. Including catching your horse out of a pen with more than two horses, riding at a walk, trot and canter

Complete the online Application in addition to submitting your video.